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LAMICS Early Career Researcher or Clinician Conference Grant

Through the generous support of Mark Cubit; The Cubit Family Foundation, we are seeking a passionate health care professional from a developing region within Australasia to attend this trailblazing event.  Our successful applicant will receive funding to attend the conference and have the opportunity to connect with internationally recognised experts in Women’s Mental Health.  The conference will provide access to valuable knowledge, transformative research and tools to influence their local scientific and medical communities. 

Hosted by HER Centre Australia, the second conference will make an even more powerful impact in Women’s Mental Health.  By combining the latest research with clinical perspectives and lived experience, a renowned line-up of influential speakers will share new ideas and innovative solutions to educate our health care providers, philanthropists and the community to ignite real change in mental health systems across the Asia-Pacific region.

We encourage applications from a diverse range of women’s health disciplines across Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LAMICs), with the aim of providing this opportunity to those who would otherwise be unable to attend.  Eligible applicants must be residents of countries classified as a Low- or Middle-Income Country based on established international criteria or organisations such as the United Nations or World Bank.   

The below criteria have been established alongside our grant provider to ensure the successful candidate(s) align with the grant’s objectives of providing vital women’s mental health information to lower economic regions to help address mental health disparities in these countries and promote gender equity in healthcare.

Application Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria (PDF)

* Applications must be submitted by 5pm AEST on Friday 9th August 2024. 

If you are interested in attending the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Women’s Mental Health via the Low and Middle Income Countries (LAMICS) Conference Grant and you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete the  Grant Application Form.

We are excited to announce a rewarding opportunity for an Early Career Researcher or Clinician to enhance their professional development at the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Women’s Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia.  The approximate value of the grant is $5,000 and will enable early career researchers from low- and middle-income countries to attend the conference.



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