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Women's Mental Health is under the spotlight as we reach the precipice of a revolution.

If your organisation is forward-thinking, committed to positive change or wants to position itself as a leader in mental health and wellbeing, the Asia-Pacific Conference on women's mental health is the perfect platform. 


Across two days of inspiring presentations, panel discussions, workshops and events, experts in the field of mental health will address a captive audience of 250+ psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health workers, carers, GP’s, gynaecologists, consumers, researchers and policy makers from across the Asia-Pacific region.


The conference will provide opportunities for in-person networking and product demonstrations, brand awareness amongst an influential market and global insights into the changing mental health landscape. 

All meal breaks and networking activities will be held within the Pre-Function Area throughout the conference, ensuring exhibitors have continued exposure to conference delegates. 

View our sponsorship packages below or contact our conference organising team for more information on partnership opportunities.

Photograph of the City of Melboure, Australia
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Our Venue:

The Langham, Melbourne


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